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..or on the Go. Get started today with a simple yoga tuition which builds up over time, getting you started gently.

In other words, once you get started you will want to keep going, it's so good and so easy to do.

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Monthly Plan


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Pay monthly on this plan. Continue your library as long as you would like.

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Annual Plan


per year

Pay annually and enjoy the benefits or yoga throughout the year. Build up your library for a year and yoga with me through the four seasons of the year.

Quarterly Plan


for 3 months

Join me for a reason and renew your plan every season. This quarterly plan builds up your library for the next three months.

Benefit from my vast yoga teacher experience!

More than 1000+ yoga teaching hours helping those who think they can't do yoga.

Full Yoga Class

Access a full yoga class for when you have the time, at the weekend or on me-time days!

Morning Yoga

Get yourself set up for the day with a morning yoga class. Short and sweet but definitely worth it!

Evening Yoga

Relaxing yoga and meditation for the evening, helping you sleep relax, unwind and sleep better!

Can't do yoga?

Yoga works at the point where you experience a blockage, which could be physical or mental. This is a journey towards self-knowledge. Did you know that every blockage is a teacher and has a reason for being there. This is the healing power of yoga. So if you think that you can't do yoga, then this course is for you!


New weekly content!

Every week, I will add new Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga classes to the course, so that over time you will have a library of various size classes, which you can use over and over again. Some are suitable for the morning; some for the evening. You can choose your favourite familiar classes and also venture out to new ones, pick ‘n’ mix style.

  • “This yoga helps me to cope with life better ”

  • “I thought yoga was only for bendy people. Not this yoga!”

  • “”This is the only yoga that I know of, which is this powerful””